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Level 4  Food Safety

Course Modules
Introduction to Food Safety
The Managers Role in Food Safety
Food Safety Hazards and  contamination 
Microbiological Hazards
  Food Safety Controls
Level 4 Food Safety
Food Safety Hazards
Training and learning activates to accompany this module.
Don't Forget

Nine consideration that should be taken into consideration when selecting chemicals for cleaning and disinfection

  • Food safe – is the product Suitable for the type of food, and area where the product will be used

  • Toxicity and odour – will the product effect food being produced

  • Type of micro-organisms present

  • Type of surface to be cleaned

  • Temperature required for application

  • Application method

  • Time available

  • Compatibility with other chemicals used

  • Storage and size of the containers – can the chemicals be stored in the area provided  

Food Safety Management
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