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Level 4  Food Safety

Course Modules
Introduction to Food Safety
The Managers Role in Food Safety
Food Safety Hazards and  contamination 
Microbiological Hazards
Level 4 Food Safety
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  Food Safety Controls
Food Safety Management
Don't Forget
Delivery - Control Measures 
Buy from a reputable supplier
Check dates
Check temperatures  
Reject unsatisfactory or suspect goods. 
Reject chilled or frozen food if critical limits have been exceeded
Place in appropriate storage immediately 
Chilled food at or below 8oC
Frozen food at or below -18oC


Suppliers - Communication

Strong communication between the manufacturer and the supplier is essential, good communication might not necessarily confirm a successful relationship, but poor communication can almost guarantee a failed relationship. Methods of communication could include:

  • Company polices and procedures e.g. delivery times and locations

  • Emails e.g. regarding updates in relation to a new glass policy

  • Posters explaining handwashing procedures

  • Meetings to discuss problems with substations

  •  Phone calls to confirm allergen information 

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