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Level 4 HACCP

Course Modules
Introduction to Food Safety
The Managers Role in Food Safety
Food Safety Hazards and  contamination 
Microbiological Hazards
  Food Safety Controls
Food Safety Management
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Level 4 HACCP
                    The HACCP Plan
HACCP Study, Scope or Terms of Reference

The purpose of this step is to ensure that you are

absolutely clear about the nature and extent of your

HACCP study. It involves:


  1. Selecting an appropriate plan

  2. Briefly describing the product

  3. Identifying the start and end point of the study

  4. considering the likely hazards to be encountered

  5. Supporting documentation

Scope Example - Tea and Herbal Infusion Europe

Handout - Scope or Term of Reference

                    The HACCP Plan
Product description and intended use

The first principle of HACCP involves the identification of significant         hazards associated with a food and the implementation of effective control measures to ensure that these hazards do not harm the consumer.

The correct identification and control of such hazards requires a              thorough understanding of all. Aspects of the product such as:

  • physical and chemical properties of the food

  • the food packaging

  • conditions of storage and distribution

  • required shelf life

  • information to be provided to the consumer regarding appropriate storage, handling and use.

Handout - Product Description 

                    The HACCP Plan

Flow Diagrams Explained

A process flow diagram is a document that outlines the sequential steps in the production of a product. Its construction forms the foundation for conducting a hazard analysis (principle 1) and therefore must include all process steps and sufficient detail to conduct an effective analysis.

Handout - Flow Diagram

                    The HACCP Plan

On-site confirmation of flow diagram

The flow diagram must be checked to verify that it is correct and shows all steps involved in the process as outlined in the Scope of the study

Handout - On-site confirmation of flow diagram

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