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Level 4 HACCP

Course Modules
Introduction to Food Safety
Level 4 HACCP
Sample HACCP Plans 

HACCP Plan - Restaurant

Chicken Ball Plant

The Managers Role in Food Safety
Food Safety Hazards and  contamination 
Microbiological Hazards
  Food Safety Controls
Practice Exam Questions
HACCP - The 7 Principles

7. Principle of HACCP - Establish documentation & record keeping


Efficient and accurate record-keeping is essential to the application of a HACCP system.


How is this stage achieved?

In the unfortunate event of a food safety incident that is connected to your products you may have to show that you have taken all reasonable precautions to produce food safely. Demonstrating that the principles of HACCP have been correctly applied as required by law and that documentation and records are kept, may provide evidence of due diligence in the event of legal action.

Handout - Review of the HACCP Plan 

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